3 Things We Learned About Marketing & Screen Printing in 2020

  • Jan 7, 2021

Last year, we kicked off January with a blog – “Marketing with a 2020 Focus.” We highlighted strategies to help Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, and Reno businesses succeed in the world we thought we knew. Twelve months later, it feels like everything has changed. But – has it? Let’s revisit Reno Tahoe Promotion’s marketing advice from last year. How does it adapt to our post-covid world?



Our 2020 Advice #1: Plan Ahead

“You’ll get the best prices on promotional items when you map out your needs for the upcoming year. As you think about which events you’ll attend in Truckee, Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, and the North Lake Tahoe area, come to Reno Tahoe Promotions for dynamic deals on unique items for all your new and existing customers.

By determining your needs in advance, you can save by purchasing in larger quantities and pulling from them throughout the year. This is also the best strategy for avoiding rush - delivery fees.”


#1: How to Plan Ahead In 2021

PLANNING AHEAD is still the best way to get great prices on screen printing and embroidery. By taking a look at our website or scheduling your free planning session with us – you can get a jump on your plans for a HUGE new year. January is THE best time to start working on your 2021 marketing strategy. Let’s work together and plan to thrive!

We’re not gonna lie. 2020 was the year that threw all our plans off the biggest jump Northstar could ever build. There was uncertainty. And shutdowns. Followed by an influx of visitors and new residents who decided our communities are amazing places to live year round. Followed by the realization that many of us can work differently, market differently, as we adapt to our changing world. We recognize that some of your businesses are growing amidst these changes, while others have had to temporarily close. Wherever you find yourself, we want you to know that we’re here for you.

Looking into 2021, we know a lot more about what to expect. We know that the Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, and Reno areas are amazing places to live, work, and play – and will continue to be amazing in the years to come. As vaccination helps slow the spread of this virus and warmer weather brings outdoor crowds to our doors, we can look forward to a better, brighter new year.



Our 2020 Advice #2: Build off Past Success

“Evaluate what worked last year, and what new events you’ll add to your calendar in 2020.

Are you planning to table at the Truckee Farmer’s Market, a Reno Street Fair, or at one of North Lake Tahoe’s numerous music events?

Can you improve your festival booth or trade show setup with an eye-catching new tablecloth, pop-up tent, banners, or branded table display pieces?”


#2: How to Build Your Business in 2021

 It might be too soon to plan for big events – but the rest rings true. We all adapted in 2020. Now – it’s time to evaluate. What worked best for your company? How can you do more of what worked? How can you learn from other Tahoe businesses that tailored their marketing strategies well?

Increasing the VISIBIITY of your brand with screen printed products keeps your logo in plain sight all around town. Giving MEMORABLE GIFTS and selling branded items reminds your customers of their positive experiences with you, and encourages them to recommend your business to friends. PRINTING YOUR WEBSITE alongside your logo on every product directs traffic to those all-important online shops and ordering spaces. And your sharp uniforms, clear signage, virtual meetings, and PPE-coordinated workspaces? Still essential for 2021.



Our 2020 Advice #3: What’s Your Distribution Plan?

“How will you get what you need into the hands they need to be in? Consider screen printing reusable grocery bags or embroidering backpacks for your sales reps and brand ambassadors to tote promotional items around in. If you’re planning to mail out client gifts, think about colorful packaging or custom stickers that will elevate your brand. Reno Tahoe Promotions has thousands of products we can customize for you. We know the Reno and North Lake Tahoe Area like no one else - and we’ll help get your business recognized for the new year.”


#3: How to Distribute in 2021

We still love this advice. MAILING out client gifts is more important than ever, and thinking through all the little details is the best way to maximize your impact. Selecting lightweight, compact gifts makes shipping a breeze. Adding branded stickers and wraps gives your gift that extra punch. 

Still thinking about bags? You should be! Whether your clients are planning a picnic on Lake Tahoe, a hike along the Truckee River, or an après ski tailgate in your favorite parking lot  – screen printed backpacks and totes continue to be some of our favorite products!


We learned a lot about marketing in 2020 – and we know you did too. Welcome to 2021! It’s going to be a BRILLIANT new year – and we can’t wait to help your business rise to the top. Schedule your free planning session with Jeannette to get started!

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