A Pause from COVID-19: Compost These Products in Your Backyard

  • Mar 18, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping us away from community festivals, trash pickup days, film screenings, and other events - Reno Tahoe Promotions is bringing Earth Month directly to you! In honor of Earth Month, we're publishing a series of 6 blogs about sustainability, marketing, and the roe you can play in protecting our planet. This is the first blog in our 6-part Earth Day series.

 While Reno Tahoe Promotions founder Jeannette was traveling in South Kalimantan, Indonesia last summer, she saw litter and massive trash pits in just about every town.  This problem is not unique to Borneo. In low-income countries, over 90%  of solid waste is either tossed away in informal dumps or burned.  From Nepal to Peru to Thailand - trash piles are symbols that our waste is no longer biodegradable.  Communities that are used to throwing food scraps and broken wicker baskets away in their yards may do the same with plastic snack bags, worn-out flip flops, and beer bottles.

In the US, we send most of our waste out-of-site, to municipal landfills.  This is better than tossing garbage in our streets - but still has huge environmental consequences.  A plastic bottle takes 450-1,000 years to break down, aluminum cans 80-200 years, and batteries 100 years . In the highly compacted, low-oxygen environment of a US landfill, some materials (like easily-recyclable glass) may never break down at all.  Researchers have dug up decades-old newspapers with still-readable headlines and recognizable publishing dates.

 What can we do about it?

1.In our daily lives, as well as when we select promotional items, it's important to pick high-quality pieces that will get used again and again.  We'll talk more about this in next week's blog.

2.We can purchase zero-waste products - products that are either biodegradable or 100% recyclable.  Ideally, we're also choosing gifts that come with minimal or responsible packaging.

We understand that now is a time for us all to think about our business practices differently.  As we prepare to emerge from our homes this spring - let's encourage lifestyle choices that are BETTER than business-as-usual, and consider products that encourage reuse.


Are you looking to incorporate biodegradable promotional products into your company's marketing plan?

 Consider these sustainable ideas! 





  1. Think BAMBOO

While hardwood trees take 20+ years to mature, bamboo reaches full growth in 3-5 years  and doesn't need to be replanted after it's cut.  Reno Tahoe Promotions offers loads of functional, stylish bamboo products - like these toothbrushes , cutting boards , and cutlery sets . screen_printed_cotton_tote

 2. Boost your Impact with COTTON Bags

 Natural fabrics break down easily and can be screen printed with your favorite logo, slogan, or design.  Just as important - a quality tote will encourage your clients to use less disposable plastic bags. 




 3. Choose CORN Plastics

 Traditional plastics are made from oil. Corn-based plastic breaks down faster and have less impact on climate change. We love these safety whistles , biodegradable plastic bags and membership cards  



 4. OPT OUT of Plastic Props

Pens and Buttons are among the most popular and effective promotional products we've seen around town.  These stylish options are made of recycled cardboard and biodegradable corn-based plastics.  

 5) Gift a GARDEN

Looking for client gifts for your favorite Tahoe or Reno gardeners?  These paper planters  and bamboo pots will thrive through the seasons and keep reminding your customers of your brand.

 How Do We Compost, Locally?

When you buy biodegradable items - remember that they still won't break down quickly in a dense landfill.  Depending on where you live and work, composting may be available as a curbside pickup or community dropoff.  Alternatively - even in our high-altitude environment - backyard composting is easy to setup and will keep your garden green all summer long!

 Follow these links to learn more about composting in YOUR community: 


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