Celebrate Truckee Tahoe Earth Day – Virtually!

  • Apr 15, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping us away from community festivals, trash pickup days, film screenings, and other events – Reno Tahoe Promotions is bringing Earth Month directly to you!  In honor of Earth Month, we’re publishing a series of 6 blogs about sustainability, marketing, and the role you can play in protecting our planet.  This is the fifth blog in our 6-part Earth Day series. (Click here to read last week’s blog about celebrating earth month in your own backyard)

In 1970, 20 million Americans came together to call for greater protection of our planet. 


Today, the need for transformational change in our interconnected world is greater than ever.


Our local and national nonprofits will be celebrating Earth Day a little bit differently.  Reno Tahoe Promotions spoke with four organizations – Mountain Area Preservation, the Nevada County Chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, the Sierra Watershed Education Project, and the League to Save Lake Tahoe  – about how their ongoing work to protect our environment.  And how you can lend a hand from home.


1. National Earth Day (4/22)

This year, we have two crises: the coronavirus pandemic and the slowly building disaster for our climate.  While the coronavirus may force us to keep our distance, it will not force us to keep our voices down. The only thing that will change the world is a bold and unified demand for a new way forward.

We may be apart, but through the power of digital media, we’re also more connected than ever. While you may feel isolated, you’re never alone, because we’re all in this together, here on Earth.

To learn more, join their digital call for action here.


2. Virtual Film Festival – with Mountain Area Preservation (MAP) (4/22-25)

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, MAP is hosting a FREE virtual screening of the 5th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival Wild Child Family Program for members and supporters. Virtual Festival-goers will be able to watch the Wild Child Program from the comfort of your home between April 22nd – 26th.  Click here to register.


3. Uniting From Home – with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (4/25)

Not all of us are able to focus on climate change right now. But for those who can, we’ll hear from climate leaders, learn about quick actions we can take to help climate change, and get trained.

Keynote speaker Dr. Katherine Hayhoe – a world-renowned climate scientist, evangelical Christian, and host of the podcast, “Global Weirding” - will kick off the day at 1 pm.  Following her talk, you’ll be invited to participate in three quick climate actions. Delve deeper by joining one of four breakout sessions and learn how to advocate and organize from home in our current climate. Register here.


4. COVID-19 & Climate Change: Two Sides of the Same Coin – with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (4/22)

Dr. Tom Suchanek from UC Davis and Dana Nuccitelli from Yale Climate Connections will discuss the complexities of the spread, impacts, containment and timescales for both the coronavirus and climate change. They will provide insight on attempts to “slow the spread” and “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections, and what that can teach us about the need to bend the exponential curve of increasing carbon emissions to address climate change.

They will also highlight the remarkable scientific and technological advancements we are making on fighting climate change as well as legislative measures that have been proposed to address this challenge. Finally, they will provide guidance on what each of us individually and collectively can do to be part of the solutions to both of these global crises. Register here.

 5. SWEP Snippets – with the Sierra Watershed Education Partnership

On their website, SWEP offers daily activities connecting students to their community and environment.  Learners of all ages can investigate the natural world from home by participating in one (or more) of these engaging, creative projects.  Learn more here.


      6. Keep Tahoe Blue from Home (4/15, 4/16 & ongoing)

In order to make up for the community events we've had to cancel due to COVID-19, we're keeping people connected to the Lake that we love by shifting our community engagement activities and volunteer programs online.  New social media, email and webinars are on offer to keep our supporters engaged and acting to Keep Tahoe Blue from home - including an expert panel on "What happens to all that trash" on 4/15 and a virtual cleanup crew training on 4/16.  We're planning to pick our community engagement events back up in the summer.  Everything is available at on their website. 


For more great ideas visit www.renotahoepromotions.com


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