Happy Earth Day From Reno Tahoe Promotions!

  • Apr 22, 2020

 Jeannette working on Botanical Survey in East Mojave Desert, Nevada


With COVID-19 keeping us away from community festivals, trash pickup days, film screenings, and other events – Reno Tahoe Promotions is bringing Earth Month directly to you!  In honor of Earth Month, we’re publishing a series of 6 blogs about sustainability, marketing, and the role you can play in protecting our planet.  This is the sixth blog in our 6-part Earth Day series. (Click here to read last week’s blog about celebrating Truckee Tahoe Earth Day – Virtually!)


 We have been sheltered in place, but many of us in Tahoe, Truckee, and Reno already know that the truest place for a human is upon the trail.  This Earth Day, we encourage you to be safe, stay local, and enjoy our favorite “essential activity”  – exercise.


The Earth is a crazy place right now.  We’re living through a time of change, and a daily reminder of the inter-connectivity of our fragile world.  The tiniest living thing imaginable, thousands of miles away, has brought life as we know it to a halt.  When we emerge from this, we must build anew and strive to live in better harmony with our natural world.


Today, let us find beauty in the forests and lakes we call our home.  Let us meander, reflect, and appreciate the spaces around us.


Happy Earth Day.


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