“The New Normal” - With Alyssa Reilly of the North Lake Tahoe Business Association (NTBA)

  • Jan 10, 2022


To ring in the new year, Reno Tahoe Promotions spoke with Alyssa Reilly, Executive Director of the North Lake Tahoe Business Association (NTBA). As Executive Director, Reilly leads event planning, fundraising, and marketing to promote the district and bring foot traffic to King’s Beach, Carnelian Bay, Tahoe Vista, and Crystal Bay. 

In our conversation, she shared how her community members supported one another over these past couple years and how the NTBA’s role has shifted with the changing times. She gave advice for businesses that are looking to grow in 2022…and those that are still getting back on their feet. 

The NTBA learned a lot about event planning, fundraising, and community love in 2020 and 2021. Keep reading, and get ready to how they’ll make this year’s Music on the Beach and other local events better than ever before!

Alyssa Reilly of the North Tahoe Business Association

About Alyssa Reilly

Alyssa was hired as Executive Director of the NTBA eight months before everything changed. Born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, she had spent much of her adult life working in professional and collegiate athletics and living away from her hometown.  However, after having her son, she knew she was ready for something different. 

“There’s an amazing sense of community here in the basin, that you don’t get anywhere else,” she explained. She was ready to return to Tahoe. And when she found work to better match that new lifestyle, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait to start planning huge events to support businesses in her district.

Of course, we all know what happened next. There would be no Music on the Beach, no July 3rd fireworks, and no Passport to Dinning. There would, however, be plenty of community support. 

NTBA shopping bags and puppies

Finding New Ways to Grow

“Our businesses were so resilient, so creative and incredible during COVID. It was absolutely amazing to see them all push through and thrive, even those that had to shut down for longer periods of time,” Alyssa shared.

And certainly, the NTBA also had its role to play. In lieu of events, they found new ways to give back to their communities. They offered free ad space, connected businesses with marketing professionals, and helped them to become more digital. They supported their members in processing online sales, building social media accounts, and obtaining grant money. And it helped. They worked with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association (NLTRA) to create a local gift card that works at 20+ businesses in their district. And, they listened to what their community wanted. They improved morale and created a festive vibe with a new holiday lighting display – which evolved into their year-round Adopt-A-Pole Program.

King’s Beach at night from the NTBA

For Businesses Still Needing Support

The NTBA knows that some people are still recovering. They’ve been helping local businesses get grant money and are continuing to support their district. Alyssa is especially excited about a new microbusiness grant, for companies with five employees or less. They’ve been working with Placer County, with the Chambers, and with other Associations around the county to make this happen – and expect it to go through either later this month or in February.

Music on the Beach with the NTBA

Bringing Back Events – Better!

People are missing getting together in person. And we’ve started to see our gatherings return. Coming up next for the NTBA are Snowfest (March 5), Clean Up Days (June 4 and September 24), the return of the July 3rd Fireworks, and the biggest Music on the Beach summer series yet.

Alyssa looks forward to Music on the Beach all year long, but these past two years were challenging. Between COVID and the Caldor Fire, they held some of their concerts virtually – and skipped some of them altogether. For 2022, the NTBA is learning from past experience and planning “the return to normal…or the new normal.” Instead of their usual 8-10 concert dates, they’re scheduling 11. They’re also beginning their concert series earlier in the season, in case of poor air quality. Also, because their virtual concert series was so well received – they’re planning to offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual viewing options.

And what about fundraising? While the NTBA is looking forward to holding more fundraising events in person, they’ve learned a lot from the virtual world. They’ve seen how raffles and auctions can run smoother and easier through apps. More importantly, virtual raffles and auctions have allowed more people to participate in fundraisers, including people with busy schedules and those who live out of state. 

NTBA campfire mug from Reno Tahoe Promotions

NTBA screen printed community clean up gardening gloves

music on the beach printed metal cup

Their NEW Printed Products

Alyssa Reilly is excited about the NTBA’s new printed products. Because this year, they’ve added their logo to more merchandise and gifts than ever before. They’ve printed mugs and coozies for Music on the Beach, wine glasses for Passport to Dining, gloves for Clean Up Days, and a plaque to honor their Board President.

“Most of it is driven by our businesses,” Reilly explains. When someone asks about or recommends a product, she listens and – if it works out financially and helps promote the NTBA or a community business – they’ll make it happen. When one of their members dropped off a sample reusable glove, they reached out to Reno Tahoe Promotions to find a match and produce the giveaway. “And now we have our reusable gloves for cleanup with our logo…it’s really fun to have merchandise to go with each event.”

NTBA photo of 2 people walking on beach near King’s Beach in snow

Welcome to 2022!

“The NTBA is looking forward to bringing back maybe even a little bit more of our past normalcy, or our new normalcy. We’re excited to get together with our community, support our businesses, and be a part of the economic growth and vitality for our district, as well as be there for our community. We have a lot of stuff on the cusp of positive change, and we’re just really exited to be a part of it!” Alyssa Reilly sums up.

We’ve all learned a lot these past two years. For 2022, let's all resolve to continue to support one another and to use our new knowledge to help our businesses thrive. 


How are you planning to grow your business in 2022? And how can Reno Tahoe Promotions help? To start your new year off right, we’re ready to brainstorm with you and are offering FREE 30-minute planning sessions. Reach out to Jeannette to get started!

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