These 3 Tahoe Businesses are Growing in 2020

  • Nov 13, 2020

Fall is in the air. And as the temperatures slide, we’re shifting into new patterns of our own. We’re learning how to run our businesses and organizations differently as we adapt to our changing environment.

In this week’s blog, we feature three local ventures: Tahloha, Horsepower Strategies and Foriver Truckee River Day. Each of these projects highlights how Tahoe locals are meeting the challenges of 2020 with fresh products, events and ways of doing business.



1. Tahloha - Building a Brand

Even before the pandemic hit, Truckee local Eileen Allen had dreamed of starting a company that combined her Tahoe roots and Aloha flair. Tahloha does just that – with a growing line of clothing, accessories, and other printed products for sale in shops around the lake. The brand’s vibe syncs perfectly with her work as a SUP yoga instructor.

When 2020 hit, Eileen knew this was the year she’d have time to focus on her project. She worked with a local designer, as well as with Reno Tahoe Promotions, to create a new company logo and product artwork. She’s seeing a benefit in the crowds we’ve been experiencing - as potential customers to reach out to.

Tahloha’s threads are currently available at Adrift, Mountain Hardware and Sports Truckee and Closet Cowgirl. Winter apparel is coming soon to PlumpJack Sport, Sports Hub and other local retailers.






2. Horsepower Strategies - Bringing Real Connections to Virtual Events

 Shari Pheasant of Horsepower Strategies was excited to plan her annual 2-day Lead Your Legacy Women’s Retreat. The problem? How could she teach women about leadership skills, branding themselves, and thriving in a relationship-based business culture without it feeling like “just another boring online meeting?”

The solution?

She gathered her team of esteemed presenters and scheduled virtual networking time, but knew she needed something extra. So - instead of her usual happy hour - she mailed each attendee a bottle of wine along with a screen printed stemless wine glass and natural wood coaster set. She enhanced her virtual event with unifying details everyone could hold from home and connected her crew in their video conversations.







 3. Truckee River Day - Uniting Socially Distanced Volunteers

 Since 1996, Truckee River Day has brought together thousands of volunteers to work on restoration projects. This year, they did things a little differently. Instead of a large single-day volunteer project, participants were dispersed among 10 sites over a 3 day weekend.

Participants received screen printed tee shirts and masks, along with maps detailing 10 sites to visit. Each location was home to a Truckee River management project. Attendees were invited to learn about these places and share their experiences on social media. As groups traveled safely within their pods, their shirts identified them as part of the larger event.


Working with Our Community

 Reno Tahoe Promotions is proud to support these local businesses as they adapt and grow during this unusual year. Do you have a project you’ve always wanted to start? Ready to brainstorm COVID-sensitive marketing and event ideas for the upcoming season? Schedule your free planning session with us today!


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