Top Tips for High-Impact Gifts & Swag

  • Jun 27, 2022

Are you planning your company’s marketing campaign? Then, these tips are made for you! Set out to impress with client gifts and swag for all your most-important contacts. They’ll use your gifts again and again, and notice your printed logo every time.

 But, what about those other brands? Won’t they be doing this too?

Absolutely. And that’s why we, at Reno Tahoe Promotions, are here to help you pick the best gifts, to truly stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of gifts to choose from, and even more print designs to consider. Start my thinking about your target audience, and what they’d most like to receive. Be unique. Be useful. Be memorable. And, most importantly, stay on brand.

 Here are our recommendations:



full color all voer print on microfiber towel for bonita beach promotional gift


full bleed sublimation promotional shirt with blue gradient pattern

full color print bucket hat with tri delta print

cooler bandana with sublimation printing


Be Unique.

Share your personality with full color printing. Lightweight, fast-drying microfiber towels are shaping up to be this season’s hottest gifts. We’ve noticed their colorful prints in just about every store. So – make them your own with bold patterns, photo, slogans, and all-over designs! They’re the perfect match for our backcountry-loving Tahoe lifestyles.

Looking for something a little different?

 You can upgrade most of your favorite promotional gifts with full color printing. Think shirts, hats, bandanas, and more!


mission packpack in grey with promotional logo

promotional gift power banks in 5 colors stacked tall

aluminum event cups with your logo to use as a promotional gift

ellipse soft promotional pen with stylus in 6 colors


Be Useful.

We can’t say this enough. Give gifts they’ll use again and again. Personally, I’ve received more promotional gifts than I can count, yet there’s a handful I’ve used over and over, for years! If you know me (Shari), and see me around town, you might have noticed me lugging my laptop in this backpack or using this power bank on long hikes. And if you’ve been to my home, you know I’ve stashed a shelf of stainless steel event cups and a jar of branded pens

What do these promotional gifs have in common? They’re well-designed, useful items that suit my lifestyle and hold up over time.


gildan basic cotton tee shirts to screen print as promotional gifts


gildan adult eavy blend hooded sweatshirt in grey


take a shot we tied the knot promotional shot glass


Be Memorable.

 Make your clients laugh. Add a fun personal message, favorite quote, or silly cartoon to your printed goods. (next to your logo, of course!) With Reno Tahoe Promotions, you can add memorable details to just about anything. When screenprinting tee shirts and sweatshirts, opt for a full back print to maximize creative space. With smaller gifts, focus on the message. These shot glasses and chocolates make smart use of printable space – and we know your brand can do the same!


printed promotional gift dog toy in blue with blue multitoned rope edge


seed paper postcards from reno tahoe promotions


RFID blocking travel wallet with your logo

floating fishing bobber key chain with your logo


Stay on Brand.

 Express your brand’s values with the items you choose. If you’re a dog-friendly office, give pet toys. Have a green product? Print your latest and greatest on seed paper postcards. A travel company?  Keep documents safe with RFID blocking wallets. Into fishing? Share your love of the water with floating bobber keychains

 Include a personalized note, coupon, or gift card with your printed gift – there are endless ways to convey your brand’s message, at any budget.


Are you ready to plan your next high-impact promotional marketing campaign? With thousands of unique, useful, memorable, and on-brand gifts to choose from, Reno Tahoe Promotions has you covered. Reach out to Jeannette to brainstorm ideas or get started on your order.

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