When the Dust Settles: Activating Our Businesses with Screen Printed Products

  • Oct 13, 2020


When the Dust Settles: Activating Our Businesses with Screen Printed Products


Gathering together is essential to our well-being, and we look forward to the day when we can gather safely again. As we’re approaching this time, you may be thinking:


What can I do to kick-start my business during this Fall season?


Whether you’re eager to return to local community events, or planning to continue to take a more socially-distant approach – screen printed and promotional items can play a key role in your marketing efforts.


At Reno Tahoe Promotions, we use 5 strategies to enhance our networking efforts at events.  These same strategies are successful for brands opting for more virtual marketing plans.



Merch Sales


We created these Love The Truckee River teessweatshirts , and camping chairs to raise money to protect the Truckee River Watershed.  We’ve sold these shirts at events and through our website to support local nonprofit Foriver.


To increase your company’s visibility in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, or Reno – consider selling screen printed shirts, mugs, and other items in your store or at your next event.  If your business has been closed or in limited operation during this pandemic, your regulars can purchase these products to bolster your business as it reopens.



Table Displays & Banners


Highlight your brand with table clothespop-up banners, and shade structures!  Whether you’re looking to design an eye-catching booth for outdoor sidewalk sales or a shaded outdoor area for drive-up business transactions – we’ve got you covered.



Raffles & Contests


We use our signature lunch kits as raffle prizes when we table at events or special thank you client gifts.  These prizes encourage e-mail list sign ups and jumpstart conversations about everything Reno Tahoe Promotions has to offer. 


Have your marketing plans shifted from events to a social-media focus?  Encourage participation on Facebook or Instagram with prize-drawings for tagging friends, sharing content, or winning photo contests.



Low-Cost Giveaways


At events, we always offer an assortment of small, free gifts with the Reno Tahoe Promotions logo.  Low-cost items like stickers and buttons work great!


In your shop, think about opportunities to gift!  Instead of asking all your customers to sign with the same pen, consider giving each of them a clean branded pen to take home.



Client & Networking Gifts


Mid-value gifts are important to have on hand at events, to share with booth neighbors, event organizers, and high-priority new connections.  


If your business has been closed or experiencing a slow-down during Covid-19, consider reaching out to your clients with a thoughtful gift.  Remind them that you appreciate them, and they’ll return to you when the dust settles.



For more great ideas visit www.renotahoepromotions.com


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