YULE BE SORRY! Don’t miss these easy-to-mail gifts!

  • Nov 27, 2023

You’re just in time to get your holiday shopping squared away. With these easy-to-mail Christmas gifts, sending out “thank yous” to your out-of-town clients and staff has never been easier. Just slip one of these lightweight, durable gifts in a bubble mailer, and you’re set to go. What’s more, each gift comes with a fast turnaround on customization, guaranteeing your screenprinting and embroidery will be wrapped and shipped by Christmas morning.

full color tree trunk christmas ornament with hemp rope

round die cut easy to mail christmas ornaments

star shaped acrylic christmas ornament

beaming pop out silver easy to mail christmas ornament


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a classic gift, for good reason! They’re the perfect accompaniments for personalized notes, gift cards, and other small items. As last minute gifts, they’re twice as nice – with so many styles and shapes that fit easily in a bubble mailer. To spread the winter wonderland vibes of our mountain town lifestyle, think natural wood ornaments, like these full color tree trunk rounds or custom die-cut hangers. Or, choose between star, heart, and round acrylic ornaments. Looking for a festive and three-dimensional look? These pop out silver orbs are extra sparkly, laser engraved, and just as easy to mail.

 carbine tactical knife as easy to mail gift

logo engraved snowflake multitool,



rechargeable headlamp

signature collection flask lux stainless steel flask


Mountain Lifestyle Tools & Accessories

Prepare your VIP clients and staff for the winter ahead with the tools and accessories that best fit our Tahoe lifestyles. Knives and multitools always come in handy and can quickly be engraved or printed with your logo or favorite design. Depending on the look and feel of your brand and the gift-getters on your list, consider a tactical utility knife or lightweight snowflake multitool. Either fits easily in your pocket, backpack, or glove compartment. Alternatively, replace battery-eating headlamps with rechargeable models for evening dog walks. Or, enhance your client and staff’s favorite activities with a lux stainless steel flask.

red knit beanie with embroidered logo patch

10 color choices for winter stretch fleece earmuff headbands with embroidered logo design

winter lined touchscreen black gloves with embroidered logo

ski and snowboard goggle cover with custom print


Winter Apparel

Get ready for the snowy season with lightweight winter accessories that easily ship out in a standard bubble mailer! Starting with our most popular accessories: headwear. Beanies and fleece earmuffs are gifts your clients and staff will use again and again, showing off your logo all over town. Or, enhance their arsenal of gloves with a winter-lined fleece, water resistant touchscreen activity pair. Want to give the most Tahoe gift around? When you customize ski goggle covers, you can set an all-over, full-color print – designing the perfect goggle covers to match your company’s one-of-a-kind style.

2 buds wireless earbuds in white with printed logo


black JBL wireless earbuds with screenprinted logo


roseland slim power bank in black with custom print,

magsafe magnetic charging powerbank


Tech Gifts

At Reno Tahoe Promotions, one of our favorite things about tech gifts is making options available at every price point. For example, take earbuds. Depending on your budget and how many client and employee gifts you’re planning to give, you could select a high quality pair (with microphone and voice activation) or upgrade to a JBL for a brand name set. Similarly, for powerbanks, choose between a classic plug-in portable charger, or give the latest with wire-free magnetic charging. No matter your choice, you’ll be giving a practical gift your VIPs will use again and again, remembering your brand every time.


Don’t miss out on these easy-to-mail client and employee gifts! You’re just in time to place your screenprinting and embroidery orders for all your Christmas favorites. This year, be sure to plan 3 weeks for personalization. Reach out to Jeannette to brainstorm ideas or get started on your order.

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