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Reno Tahoe Promotions makes business decisions that maintain the integrity of our natural environments. Through our “Love the Truckee River Campaign” we are teaming up with organizations to improve the health of Truckee River and raise awareness of the importance of a vibrant river connecting our communities. “Love the Truckee River Campaign” is a method of raising money and awareness through the sale of customized products including apparel, swag, stickers, and outdoor gear. If you would like to purchase any of these items now, contact Reno Tahoe Promotions: (530) 412-1062 or or join us at our next sponsored event to buy directly.

For 2017 & 2018, we are supporting the causes of Foriver – the Truckee River Watershed Council.



Based in downtown Truckee, their goal is to restore the resiliency of the Truckee River – so nature and humanity can thrive together for generations. Their work is multi-faceted and far-reaching. Over the last 20 years they’ve managed more than 50 large-scale projects, improved 348 public and private green spaces, and mobilized over 472,000 volunteers, while raising $11.5 million in funding.

“Together we can revive our watershed—so nature and humanity can thrive here for generations”

Summary of Support Reno Tahoe Promotions provided to Foriver in 2017:

  • Raised and Donated $670 to Foriver
  • Promoted Foriver at Networking events including E-Women, PSN, BNI – raffled Foriver-logoed  products
  • Co-Hosted Fundraising Events with The Pour House Winery & Alibi Ale Works Truckee to promote, raise money and sell products
  • Advertised and Promoted Foriver and events to over 400 people and businesses in Truckee, Lake Tahoe and Reno via over 400 e-blasts per event, Facebook and Instagram
  • Educational booths with product sales:
    • May: BNI Sponsored Chamber Mixer in Truckee
    • ENGEL & VÖLKERS booth at Truckee Thursday
    • IRIE-sponsored fundraiser – product sales at one day event
    • IRIE-sponsored – product sales in-office for three months (THANK YOU IRIE!)
  • Continual support and education about Foriver in person to customers and networking contacts
  • Continual Advertise Foriver and the Truckee River everywhere we go!

If you would like to purchase any of these items now, contact Reno Tahoe Promotions

CALL: (530) 412-1062 or EMAIL:


Going Green in Truckee

Do you want to express your environmental awareness when choosing promotional products? What does “Green” or “Eco-Friendly” mean to you?

I had a returning customer,  Mayumi Elegado of Moonshine Ink, ask me if I have any “green” pen options to choose from for her business. This immediately threw me into my scientific, analytical mode of wanting to ask a million questions all at once to find out exactly what she considered green. I had to tell the voices inside my head to let her continue to explain what exactly she was looking for. She then pulled out a pen she had received at an event, and she raved at how she liked the size, how it wrote, and pointed out the “recycle” symbol stamped on the side.

“Ah,” I said out loud. “You want recycled.”

Turns out I was able to find the exact pen style with the “recycled” symbol but it no longer came in the style and color option she liked. Hearing this, my customer decided to try a different style of pen; she sent me a picture of another style made out of a different type of recycled materials. I gave her three choices of vendors that supplied the style of pen she now desired.

Now this is a BIG Green question. I have found when people ask for “Green” products, it can mean so many different things, from whether the products are produced in other countries and imported here, whether they follow labor laws (children), to if they use chemicals when growing the “in this case” plant materials for the paper, whether chemicals harmful to the environment are used to produce the product (including printing materials), to whether the product breakdown in the landfill. But what about the fuel in the vehicles to ship the product, or the materials used for packaging the product to ship, and so many more questions? Does the process does have zero carbon footprint?

So, if you are wanting to go “Green”, be prepared to decide what “Green” means to you, and how far you are willing to go, to meet your moral obligation?

Re-Usable Shopping Bags Help Save the Planet

I have twenty minutes to pick up supplies at Safeway and hurry back to work. I stand in line thinking of the five things I have to complete when I get back to the office. The counter contains fifteen items I have purchased and I am looking for a bag to place these items in when panic suddenly fills me…. I realize that this is the first day of June and plastic bags have been banned in Truckee! As an avid recycler, I loathe the thought of using the paper bags that are offered for ten cents apiece, so I awkwardly carry my merchandise out of the store.

I have a feeling that I am not the only person that has had this experience. Many people have fast paced lives or are from out of town and unaware of our new ordinance, so I am sure this need for a recyclable shopping bag is going to be a common occurrence for shoppers in our area.

This is a great opportunity for all retailers to place their name and logo on a reusable bag that can continue to spread your name throughout the community. We have special offers on tote bags, as well as other promotional items. 

For more information on the ban on plastic bags Moonshine Ink has a very informative piece on this new law.

How Local Truckee Folks Help Make the River more Beautiful

Weed Warriors conquer the Legacy Trail invasive species in Truckee, CA

Saturday, May 31, 2014 is nearly over.  I sit on a rock with sweat rolling down my nose.  My muscles ache and I want a cool drink.  I turn to look at my son, Dillon, who has joined me on this work effort today; he also looks tired but I notice a smile. 

We are working on a section of the Legacy Trail that has a man-made berm that rises over six feet from the ground on the southern edge of the trail.  This berm is littered with weeds, making it difficult for native species to become established. 

Last year, Jeannette introduced me to this section of the Legacy Trail and I adopted clearing it of invasive species as my own personal challenge.  In 2013, I parkers along legacy trail_483 (3)-1led a small party of four people, and we were able to remove over twenty bags of invasive plant species including Spotted Knapweed and White Sweet Clover. 

Today, Jeannette Halderman, the founder of Reno Tahoe Promotions, twenty other like-minded Truckee community members, and I pulled more non-native invasive plant species, otherwise known as weeds, along this manufactured berm.  As volunteers for the Truckee River Watershed Council, we share a common interest in our community and a love for the outdoors. 

Some people want to make sure their promotional products are “green”.  Well, another way to ask this question is what does your promotional company do to support sustainable environmental practices?weed warriers resting for lunch. 

In light of National Trails Day on June 2nd, I feel a sense of joy and accomplishment.  I smile back at my son and then I turn to look at the faces of my other co-weed pullers and I see them talking, smiling and laughing.  This is another beautiful day in Truckee and I love being a part of taking care of our beautiful environment!